Why Homecare

When you think of care for elderly or less able people, does your mind instantly go to a care home or nursing home?

This is the case for many people, but the reality is that this is just one option available. Caring for people in the comfort of their own homes is not only cheaper, but provides the added benefit of being in a familiar environment, surrounded by personal belongings and memories, as opposed to the stress of moving home and into unfamiliar surroundings with people you don’t know.

At Able Living, we believe in providing all the support needed to enable people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, ensuring the best quality of life.

What does homecare mean?

Homecare, also known officially as ‘domiciliary care’, is the type of care that allows people to stay in their own homes and still receive all of the support and care they require to live their life to the full.

Our highly trained and experienced carers will visit you or your loved one, as arranged for their requirements to support them with day to day activities. This can be as often as you wish and may include anything from meal preparation to medication assistance or continence support. Basically anything you need and nothing is too much trouble.

Why choose homecare?

Most people, given the choice, would rather stay in the comfort and surroundings of their own homes as opposed to going into residential care.

The main advantage of homecare is enabling the individual requiring care to remain at home for as long as possible. The nature of homecare is that it is very flexible as the care visits and nature of those visits are tailored to the individual’s requirements and how they like things to be done.

This flexibility allows the client to retain as much of their independence as possible and continue to be able to make the majority of the decisions about their everyday life. Being at home also means there’s no restrictions on family and friends visiting, going out for the day, and any other things that happen in everyday life.

Homecare really gives the individual the most flexibility and independence to enable them to continue living their life in the way that they wish to, without being held back by the things they struggle with. A little help can make a huge difference and gives people time to do the things they enjoy most.

At Able Living, we believe homecare should always be the first choice when considering future care arrangements, as it provides people with the freedom, privacy and dignity they deserve.

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