Companionship and Support

For some people, being able to socially interact with others is essential to their wellbeing. Disability and old age can mean our mobility is reduced and opportunities to see other people become more difficult and sometimes stop altogether. For people who need social interaction, a physical limitation which prevents them from getting out and seeing others can also have a mental impact too.

Many older people complain at not seeing people for days or weeks at a time and loneliness and depression can easily set in.

At Able Living, we offer a companionship service to ensure people aren’t left on their own for long periods. Our team of Carers are local people with a warm and caring nature. They are able to quickly establish friendships with others and enjoy a good chat over a cup of tea and get a lot of enjoyment from companionship visits. While it might not be for everyone, for some people, seeing a friendly face and having a chat is all they need to break up the day and lift their spirits.

During these current times of lockdowns and the pandemic, people have become increasingly isolated are at greater risk of loneliness and missing loved ones.

Recognising this, Able Living can help by arranging video calls to family members and friends using one of our mobile iPads, so they can see and talk to each other while our Carers go about their work.

The benefits of being able to see and speak to others are well documented and should not be underestimated. It improves mental health and well-being, prevents loneliness and boosts self-esteem.

Some examples of companionship and support services include:

  • Accompanied shopping trips or library visits
  • Escorting to social clubs or events
  • Accompanied visits to see doctors & for hospital appointments
  • Friendly conversation and company, perhaps whilst doing hobbies etc.
  • Providing company and companionship
  • Help keeping in touch with family and friends

When one of our carers provides companionship care, they become a trusted companion who help you or your loved ones lead a healthy and happy life.

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