What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a technique that encourages you to focus on the present, tuning in to your thoughts and feelings and what is happening around you without judgement.

Practicing mindfulness can help us to become more aware of everyday things that we may not usually take notice of. Doing this can help you experience things in a new way and make you appreciate the smaller things in life.

It takes practice but when practiced, it can help to relieve stress, process and deal with your feelings, and just generally cope with daily life. These are not the only benefits of mindfulness; the research shows that mindfulness can have many benefits when regularly practiced.

How do I practice mindfulness?

Notice the little things

As you go through your day, take notice of the way that things sound, smell, taste and feel. These things are tiny, not even usually something we think about but focusing on them can help to recenter your mind and bring new perspectives.

Make time for it

Mindfulness is best when practiced regularly. Decide on a time each day where you will be more aware and mindful of what is happening around you.

Switch things up

Sometimes doing things slightly differently can help you to see new things that you may not have noticed before. Take a different route to work or sit in a different seat on the bus, you may be surprised at the things you notice.

Other ways to practice

Many people practice mindfulness through doing things such as yoga or meditation. These activities can help you focus on your breathing, the things you can hear and sensations you can feel, being able to capture your attention back whenever it strays somewhere else.

Mindfulness is not a cure all and it does not work for everyone but it is definitely a tool that could help many people with their mental health. It’s worth remembering that mindfulness is not about getting rid of your thoughts and feelings but being able to recognize them, acknowledge that they are there and letting them move off again.

There are many resources available on mindfulness and help on getting started online, just take a look.