Elderly care
Homecare Services: A Lifeline for the Elderly and Infirm

For many elderly and infirm individuals, maintaining independence and living comfortably in their own homes can be a significant challenge. Age-related health conditions, mobility limitations, and social isolation can all contribute to difficulties with daily tasks and a decline in overall well-being. This is where homecare services step in, playing a vital role in supporting […]

31 January 2024

Bramhall Memory Lane Cafe trip to the cinema!

Regular visitors to the Bramhall Memory Lane Cafe and several clients of Able Living enjoyed a dementia friendly showing of White Christmas at The Light cinema in Stockport. Food was put on for all prior to the show and the Able Living staff sang some Christmas songs to entertain everyone. A wonderful afternoon was had […]

21 December 2023

Dementia Care in Bramhall

One of our clients from Bramhall is very crafty with a needle and thread and makes twiddle muffs, blankets and handbags for people with dementia. She also makes these for people with dementia who are in hospital. Twiddle muffs are knitted woollen muffs with items such as ribbons, large buttons or textured fabrics attached that […]

24 November 2023

Able Living Staff Get a Dementia Experience

Some of Able Living‘s amazing staff were given the opportunity to visit the dementia bus. This bus is a simulator that gives a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might look like. Those who took part in the experience were given tasks to do on the bus, however abilities were influenced […]

24 November 2023

Dianne’s Picnic Companionship Call

Our amazing Carer Dianne took a picnic with her to one of her regular companionship calls. Such a lovely surprise and typical of the kindness of our Carers, who are very special people indeed!

24 November 2023

A lovely trip to the Avro Air Museum for Howard

Steven, one of our male Carers, accompanied Howard on a companionship call to the Avro Air Museum. Look at that smile!

10 November 2023

Happy 103rd Birthday to our lovely Eva!

Eva says the secret to living to 103 is “smiling every day and being there for other people when they need you”. Have a lovely day Eva.

4 January 2023