Happy 103rd Birthday to our lovely Eva!

Eva says the secret to living to 103 is “smiling every day and being there for other people when they need you”. Have a lovely day Eva.

4 January 2023

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our deepest condolences go to the Royal family. In a lifetime of service, Her Majesty has been not only our Head of State and leader of the Commonwealth, but a beacon of light and hope to many people in […]

9 September 2022

People just love the Memory Lane Cafe!

Here are some of the comments people have made recently. Why not come and join us? ‘Very relaxed and not rushed, puts me in good spirits. I feel upbeat and happy after the session.’ – Cathie ‘Lovely company, everyone’s friendly, breaks up my week as there is nothing else on in the summer.’ ‘Like the […]

11 August 2022

Puppy cuddles today at Memory Lane Cafe! 

We had 3 new visitors too! No need to call ahead we are here every Monday afternoon at the Centrepoint in Bramhall! Call us for more information!

11 August 2022

Memory Lane Cafe Bramhall

We are proud to announce the launch of the Memory Lane Cafe held at Bramhall Methodist Church. Hosted and funded by Able Living, this is a social event for Bramhall Seniors held every Monday between 2pm and 4pm. Visit the News page for more details. Its in The Centrepoint at Bramhall Methodist Church.

11 August 2022

Happy Birthday to us!

In April, Able Living celebrated our 9th birthday!! That’s 9 years of providing a fantastic service to hundreds of satisfied customers!

5 May 2022

A healthier option!

We have a company bike! With the weather hopefully improving, Able Living Carers can choose to leave the car in the car park and cycle to our clients!

4 April 2022

Christmas Party Fun!

Able Living clients enjoying a get together at Christmas. Fun was had by all.

31 January 2022